Animal By-Products – What is Rendering?

Rendering is the process that convert by-products from the meat and livestock industry into usable materials. In Europe, there are 18 million tonnes of animal material processed each year to make it safe and stable.

Without proper management, meat and animal by products can become hazardous. As a result, the rendering industry is underpinned by strict veterinary principles to prevent the spread of animal disease and zoonoses, these include:

  • Prompt collection of hazardous and potentially hazardous material from farms and slaughterhouses.
  • Full traceability and safety along the reprocessing chain using HACCP (Hazard Critical Control Point) approach
  • Strict rules on the reuse of specific material
  • The European rendering industry fulfills the highest regulatory standard worldwide

Rendering also contributes to sustainability and  European objectives to move to a circular economy by ensuring that animal products are reused for economic uses and, where safe re-enter, the supply chain as feed, fuel and fertilisers.

slaughterhouse showing animal by-products



Million tonnes of animal by-products are processed


Million tonnes of useful materials are recovered


Thousand tonnes of edible fats are produced

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