End of year message from EFPRA

Once again, we come to the end of an eventful year within the rendering industry and particularly in the world as a whole. In early 2022, the restrictions caused by the pandemic began to come to an end. But we were then immediately shocked and saddened by the war in Ukraine where members of EFPRA have colleagues, business partners and relatives.

The consequences of the war have been felt by society and rendering companies as energy and raw materials have both greatly increased in price. This has presented opportunities and challenges for EFPRA members, and we are once again having to adapt to changed market conditions.

We also mustn’t forget about ASF and avian influenza. Never has Europe been confronted with such huge and long-lasting outbreaks. But here the rendering industry has been playing a vital role in combatting the threat through efficient management of fallen stock and culled animals.

Looking ahead, we can see renewed opportunities and bright conditions for renderers. There is more urgency than ever to find green and non-imported sources of feed, fuel and fertiliser. You are all well aware of what renderers have to offer here. And I think we can be cautiously optimistic about a change in attitude by decision-makers after the events of 2022. We can see from the reintroduction of PAPs into pig and poultry feed that there is acceptance of animal by-products as a source of raw materials. Although it is a slow process, step-by-step we will bring back old business.  

I would also like to remind people about the Congress in Naples next June where I hope to see many of you. But with Christmas only a few days away, we can begin to enjoy a well-deserved break with our families and return next year refreshed and ready for what I expect to be another interesting year in the rendering industry. I would like to thank you all for your support and wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas time and health and prosperity for 2023.

Sjors Beerendonk, EFPRA President