Driving safety, health and sustainability in the European food supply chain

Our members play a vital role in supporting the food chain that takes food from the field onto consumers' tables. EFPRA members protect the public and livestock from diseases by dealing with a wide range of material that needs reprocessing and re-use. This website is a resource to learn more about the EFPRA, animal by-products and reprocessing.


German and Spanish versions of Sustainability Charter available

The EFPRA Sustainability Charter has been translated into German and Spanish. The rendering industry has long been an example of...

Challenges of a new decade – interview

The EFPRA Congress takes place on 25 – 28 May at Vilamoura, Portugal. We spoke to Wouter Vanderpoorten, Technical Director...

GFLI White Paper Published

A new EFPRA White Paper provides more details on the carbon footprint of using rendered fat and PAP in feed....

How do we use rendered products?

Safety, health and sustainability in the supply chain


High standards of traceability are upheld right across the sector.


Rendering prevents the spread of animal and human diseases.


Rendering reduces waste and supports a circular economy.

Every year


Million tonnes of animal by-products are processed


Million tonnes of useful materials are recovered


Thousand tonnes of edible fats are produced