Rendering supports and enhances the sustainability of the animal-based food chain. The recently published EFPRA Sustainability Charter covers this in detail.

Animal by-products are a rich source of energy and nutrition. Renderers recover these valuable resources and sell them in several products to other parts of the animal food chain and to other sectors. This helps upstream and downstream partners to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Products ranging from from food, animal feed and feriliser to renewable, fuels, oleochemicals and pharmaceuticals use animal by-products. This supports a circular bioeconomy that reuses, recovers and recycles resources instead of producing 'waste'.

EFPRA members are committed to advancing a circular bioeconomy for the animal based food chain that sustains healthy productive agriculture and human well-being. EFPRA members support the EU Green Deal, Farm to Fork and Sustainability Goals (SDG's) by applying knowledge and creativity to ensure a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for all.

Read the EFPRA Sustainability Charter in English or the French, German or Spanish version.

There are 18 case studies available to accompany the Charter, follow the links below to read them.

Learn more about the Sustainability Charter

Watch the video of Richard van Lijssel's presentation at the Autumn Congress which launched the Charter. You can also view or download his presentation slides and read an interview with Richard here.