Congress 2022 – Challenges of a new decade

The EFPRA Congress will finally take place at Vilamoura, Portugal following postponements in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. ETSA, Portugal's largest rendering company, are organising the event, we thank them for their patience and persistence in ensuring the event goes ahead.

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The event takes place from 25 – 28 May, find out more and book your place here.

Engaging speaker programme

There are a huge number of opportunities and challenges currently facing the rendering industry. Every speaker addresses one of these essential topics.

26 May

Gert van Duinkerken, Wageningen Livestock Research
Can a circular bioeconomy do without animals?

Heinrich Katz, Hermetia Baruth, GmbH
Insect Biotechnology – an alternative process to provide protein, fat and fertilizer

Leon Fock, Culterra
Inclusion of ABP in the new fertiliser regulation and its impact

27 May

Lahcène Guedider, Royal Canin
Pet food premiumization: an invitation to continue to lead quality standard transformation

Rohaise Low, LMC International Ltd
Market outlook on animal fats (and vegetable oils) in the EU and in the world

Fernando Ventura, Jerónimo Martins
Managing former foodstuffs and food loss in retail

Autumn Congress 2021

Autumn Congress was the first chance for 18 months for members of the European rendering industry to meet and discuss important developments such as the reauthorisation of PAPs and the new Sustainability Charter. Over 100 delegates attended to listen to six insightful presentations, a further 20 people who couldn't make it in person joined to watch presentations online. A selection of photos are included below.

* Any photos marked with * in the caption were kindly provided by Harald Niemann of STN.