EFPRA contribute to SA BREF review

EFPRA attended the opening meeting for the review of the SA BREF, the Best Available Techniques Reference document for the Slaughterhouses and Animal By Products Industries Sectors that took place on 25th – 28th June 2019.

The meeting hosted by the EIPPC Bureau at the JRC in Seville was the second stage of the 3 – 4-year review process and assessed the responses of the Technical Working Group to the Initial Position Call.

The SA BREF Technical Working Group (TWG) comprises of around 150 representatives from the authorities of Member States, Industry and other interested parties. Around 60 members of the TWG attended the opening meeting and EFPRA were represented by Dr Martin Alm, Koen Ponseele and Adrian Kesterson. Other key industry reps were present from the EU trade bodies for gelatine, fishmeal, hides and skins, biogas and the slaughterhouses.

The kick off meeting set the scope of the SA BREF and is followed by the collection of data and process information from a selection of installations for the identification of a series of BAT Conclusions on the environmental performance of installations, covering emissions, consumption of raw materials, water and energy use and waste generation.

The mandatory BAT Conclusions are the reference for setting permit conditions and apply to new installations immediately and to existing installations within 4 years of publication in the Official Journal (IED Article 21(3)).

The next stage is the development of the data collection questionnaires later this year followed by the collection of data in Q1 2020. The EIPPC Bureau will then prepare the first draft of the revised SA BREF for review by the TWG and discussion at a further meeting in 2022. The tentative timeline for publication of the BAT Conclusions is 2023.