White Papers outline legislation changes and benefit of PAPs in poultry diets

EFPRA has written two new White Papers to support communication with the supply chain about the proposed lifting of the feed ban.

‘White Paper – Legislation’ explains the main proposed changes to legislation that the supply chain needs to be aware of if they are considering using poultry PAPs in pig feed or porcine PAPs in poultry feed. There are dedicated sections in the document for slaughterhouses, feed compounders and home compounders, farmers, logistics providers and exporters.

White Paper – Legislation

‘White Paper – PAPs in poultry diets’ summarises recent research into the effect of using porcine PAPs as a component in layer and broiler diets. Overall, inclusion of PAPs has positive benefits but users need to be mindful of inclusion rates – a full table is provided to help with linear programming in feed production.

White Paper – PAPs in poultry diets