EFPRA makes valuable contribution to BREF SA

From 28 November to 2 December, the final meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the review of the BREF for Slaughterhouses and Animal By-Product Industries (SA BREF) took place in Seville at the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau (EIPPCB).

EFPRA was represented by Dr. Martin Alm, Koen Ponseele (Darling) and Adrian Kesterson (FABRA UK).  Other colleagues joined the meeting in other capacities and supported EFPRA including Roberto Perez of SARIA (Spain), Richard van Lijssel of Darling (CEFIC Gelatine Industry), Paolo Valugani of Alberio (Italy) and John Durkan of ABP Proteins (UECBV Slaughterhouses Industry). The process itself started in 2018, the kick-off meeting to define the scope was in June 2019 followed by a huge data collection exercise which was the basis for new environmental emission and performance levels known as BAT Conclusions which, unlike the current BREF are mandatory for existing plant within four years and immediately for new plant.

In the final meeting, EFPRA were influential and constructive with their comments which were informed by the very detailed data analysis work of Koen Ponseele and Adrian Kesterson. Throughout the process EFPRA made the most comments which were well received by the EIPPCB and Member State representatives who gave strong support to the rendering industry at the final meeting.

All in all, good results were achieved, especially with the focus on odour, where many discussions with the EIPPCB took place during the year. EFPRA thanked all who contributed to the BAT / BREF process, whether it was on national or European level.