Successful Congress 2023

Vice President of Assograssi Luca Papa shares his thoughts on Congress 2023 as well as the joys and challenges of organising the event.

Was the congress a success?

If the success of Congress can be measured by the number of delegates, we feel that the Congress has been successful from day one. It is the first time that 520 people from all over the world have gathered together for this event. Of course the city of Napoli, the nice weather and the Italian food helped in to attract such a large number of people.

What was the best thing about being the organiser?

As an organiser, it was amazing to see people from any part of the world networking about business issues, markets, regulations and future developments. And considering that we are not a simple organiser but an active part of this rendering world, we have been able to fully understand the social role of this event.

Which part of the event went particularly well?

We appreciated the presentations on Thursday and Friday morning, where, thanks to the high-ranked speakers from the European Commission, Italian Government, Universities and important industries, we had the opportunity to provide participants with a complete and reliable overview on the development of our sector from different points of view. We talked about health and environmental regulations in the sector, the trend of the meat market and the ability to enhance our finished products both as feed and for the production of bioenergy.

Along with these presentations, outside the conference room, we also offered our attendees the chance to discuss technical questions with our Congress Sponsors such as new possible solutions for the treatment of ABPs. But let’s not forget the pleasure of walking around during the social program like coffee breaks and dinners. This kind of event is always a good occasion for everyone to network, talking about any side of the business together.

What was the most challenging thing about organising the event?

Probably the most challenging thing is also the one we considered the best: trying to make 520 people comfortable for 3 days in the same event, that means planning food, transfers and social events which meet everyone’s needs.

Do you have any message for the organisers if Congress 2024?

It will be not an easy job, but we are sure that you will get a lot of satisfaction like we had this year.