Sustainability Charter gets interactive update

The EFPRA Sustainability Charter is now available as an interactive publication at It contains the entire Charter and all 18 Case Studies in an engaging and easy to read format. The new format makes it easier for people inside and outside the industry to learn about the sustainability credentials of the rendering sector.

Launching the Interactive Charter now coincides with the return of sustainability to centre stage across the wider social and economic sphere. The Sustainability Charter first appeared in autumn 2021 hence conversations around sustainability were often overshadowed by talk of inflation, commodity prices and war.

EFPRA President Sjors Beerendonk reminds us that “Policies in the EU Green Deal, Farm-to-Fork Strategy and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) all require businesses to develop sustainable products and services. Companies that align sustainable business models with the SDGs can unlock significant value in current and emerging markets”

Rendering’s unique role in the food chain means it is well positioned to spearhead the transition to a low-carbon circular future, fixed in renewable natural resources.  The Sustainability Charter examines how rendering companies can build on their longstanding sustainability credentials to benefit the climate, health and society in line with the UN SDGs.

The 18 Case Studies cover various ways that rendering companies contribute to sustainability ranging from reducing GHG emissions and pharmaceuticals to food production and disease prevention.

Read the Interactive Charter at